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Dairy products

Disposable cheesecloth producers

Here at Precision Cut Textiles Ltd in Shrewsbury, we create unique cheesecloth and straining bags to the highest standards and offer 24- and 48-hour delivery options to producers in mainland UK, contact us.

Food Grade Textiles: Welcome
Dairy products being processed

We comply with regulated industry standards

With a global freight network, we deliver all over the world. We've spent time with our manufacturing partners creating a unique product specification to ensure maximum practicality. The food grade materials are extruded, converted and packaged in the same clean and sterile environment throughout the process to ensure our disposable cheesecloth is produced in the most hygienic way possible.

These systems include:

  • Fully secured production site

  • Centralised air control

  • Anti-insect ID entrance

  • Air shower

  • Pest control

In addition, we understand the need for a consistent supply of high-quality food grade materials to our customers in the dairy products, cheese and yoghurt making industries. Our target is to maintain high levels of stock and competitive prices, giving our customers the confidence to plan whilst also allowing us to support them with their dairy product supplies at short notice.

We also acknowledge the importance of traceability when it comes to food grade products. That's why we've made sure our customers have easy access to our product specifications, accreditation and hygiene certificates online. We provide accurate information when completing self-audit assessments, as well as any giving any further information you may require when audited.

Food Grade Textiles: Services

If you're looking for a reliable international food grade textiles supplier, contact Precision Cut Textiles Ltd in Shrewsbury, fill out the form below.

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